Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for help?

Please direct all inquiries to support@fsuite.co and the appropriate team member will respond shortly.

How do I refer new members?

You can refer qualified new members here.

What is the criteria for membership in The F Suite?

F Suite members must meet all of the following criteria:

Must be the most senior finance executive at a high-growth company or a fund.  In general, those who are at venture backed, private equity backed and public companies and those are venture and private equity funds would qualify.  To qualify for our GrowthCFO and UnicornCFO Peer Networks, a nominee must hold the formal CFO title.

Must have been nominated by an F Suite member or partner (or, in certain circumstances, applied for membership without a referral and been accepted by the F Suite membership committee).

Must not be a fractional CFO or be at a company whose primary business is providing products or services to finance teams.

Which Peer Network will I be placed in?

Membership is organized in to Peer Networks to place our members with their closest peer group (by company type, company size, and experience level) for their primary interactions.  See https://www.fsuite.co/membersh... for additional details on the Peer Networks.

How much does it cost?

Member dues are invested in our community and our 55 person+ team -- each of whom is solely focused on our mission to help you and your company succeed.  Membership dues vary by seniority level / company size and based which Peer Network you are invited to join.  For details, please schedule a time to speak with our membership team.

Can my other finance team members join The F Suite?

While they cannot join our CFO community, we do have a separate dedicated community for your VP-level direct reports.  This program is designed to help our CFO members create space for themselves to be more strategic by empowering your team with their own dedicated community of peers. To learn more, please schedule a time to speak with our membership team.

I changed jobs and will no longer be CFO. Can I stay involved?

Members who are actively in transition looking for another CFO role (and who do not accept a non-qualifying role) are welcome to continue their membership during their search. Those who accept a non-qualifying role will be asked to withdraw from membership.

Where can I see upcoming events?

An updated event calendar is available on our public website here. In addition to the listed events, there are other special events occurring regularly by separate invitation that are not posted publicly. Please make sure your profile on the member portal is up-to-date as this information is used to determine relevant invitations to these special events.

How do I RSVP to an event?

All of our events are private / invitation only. Invitations generally go out 4-6 weeks in advance of an event by an individual email. If you would like to attend an event that is not in your home market, please contact support@fsuite.co for an invitation.

Why am I not receiving event invitations, the jobs newsletter, or other communication from The F Suite?

Please make sure to check your spam folder and safe list emails coming from “@fsuite.co” and "@splash.events". You can see instructions on how to safelist emails based on your email client here.

I'm interested in speaking or presenting at an event for The F Suite. How do I submit a proposal?

You can email stephanie@fsuite.co. Deference is given to those who have actively shared their insights on the listserv and at other events.

How can I submit an idea for a member survey (either an entire survey or a single question)?

Collecting, analyzing, and providing targeted and actionable data back to our members is core to The F Suite's mission. Please submit your survey ideas to support@fsuite.co and we will endeavor to include these in an upcoming survey.

I would like to send an anonymous question to the listserv. Is this possible?

The F Suite does not send anonymous questions to the listserv, but we would encourage you to ask a fellow member to send it on your behalf and share the results with you.

I would like to share information about an event on the listserv. Can I do that?

Due to the enormous volume of these, please avoid sending out event advertisements or announcements on the listserv to save everyone’s inbox and maintain the high-quality traffic on the listserv. We are happy to share relevant events on The F Suite social media channels - please email such requests to support@fsuite.co.

I would like to send a petition, amicus brief, policy letter, or other initiative requesting member signatures out on the listserv. Is this possible?

Again, to spare everyone’s email inbox, please avoid sending out these types of campaigns on the listserv. We are happy to share relevant programs on The F Suite social media channels - please email such requests to support@fsuite.co.

I would like to run a survey by sending an email to the listserv. Can I do this?

Again, to spare everyone’s email inbox, please avoid sending out formal survey requests via the listserv. Please submit your survey ideas to support@fsuite.co and we will endeavor to include these in an upcoming survey.

I missed last year's compensation survey. Can I still get the results?

The compensation survey is on a "Give to Get" model and therefore is limited to only participating members. New members will get the opportunity to participate and receive the results upon joining. Otherwise, we expect to update the compensation survey in May each year so stay tuned for the next call for participants.

How do I sign up for The F Suite Member Portal?

The F Suite members should have received an individual email with an activation link to sign up to The F Suite Member Portal. If you do not have (or cannot find) this email, please first try to reset your password or email support@fsuite.co and we will send you another link.

How do I change my email address for The F Suite?

You can update your email address on our member portal here.

I changed jobs, how can I update my information with The F Suite?

You can update your employment information on our member portal here.

How do I post to the listserv?

Log into your account here:

Where can I search the listserv history for prior threads and referrals?

Use the search bar at the top of your feed:

Where can I see videos/materials from The F Suite Conferences?

We have a library of videos and materials from past conferences available in our content library here:

How can I see who else is in the group?

You can search our Member Directory by a variety of variables including company type, school, areas of expertise, city or any other keyword here:

Can I direct message other members using the Member Portal?

Yes! Using the Member Directory, you can search for and direct message any other members.

Non-Solicitation Policy

The F Suite Members shall not (and will not assist any other party to) solicit The F Suite members or participants in The F Suite programs for the sale of any products, services or events. The F Suite Members shall not use any communication channels provided by The F Suite for any communication that may be construed as an advertisement or solicitation. Potential violations of this policy may result in termination of membership and/or removal from The F Suite communication channels without notice.