The F Suite will quickly become your most valuable professional resource. But don't just take our word for it.

F Suite Advisory Board Macrina Kgil 01

"I continue to tell other execs that F Suite is one of the best investments I have made. My involvement with this group has enabled me to up my game as a C-level exec across all disciplines."

Josh Bowling

Senior VP, Finance

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"I have more confidence in the solutions I help put forth for my company."

"The amount of information that you can get in a short period of time is incredible."

F Suite Joshua Green
Joshua Green | CFO, Survios

“It's great being able to talk candidly with another finance professional to bounce ideas off each other.”

Michael Jannetty 200x200

Michael Jannetty

VP of Finance

“CFO jobs can be lonely, so having a set of peers with whom I can gut check silly questions has been incredibly helpful. Ultimately, it has allowed me a level of confidence in my own approach when it comes to a tough boss or board member.”

Muhammad Shahzad 200x200

Muhammad Shahzad


“I realize after this pandemic how much I miss networking events like this where we can chat with peers facing similar challenges.”

Adelina Pepenella 200x200

Adelina Pepenella


“We were able to connect on multiple fronts from the work we have done in the past to suggestions and recommendations for tools for the future. It was great to hear from like minded individuals.”

Ruchi Kasliwal 200x200

Ruchi Kasliwal

Head of Finance

“Good to talk to another CFO who is facing similar issues.”

Phillip Vuong 200x200

Phillip Vuong


“Enjoyed the conversation. We are at companies of similar stage and have a shared finance / investing background.”

Foster Jebsen 200x200

Foster Jebsen

Head of Finance

“This group has been super helpful — it would have been really helpful if I had found it 12 months ago!”

“Great to have a match in the same industry - useful connection to have going forward."

Kate Roberts 200x200

Kate Roberts

VP, Finance

“I have expanded my professional network through The F Suite conversations - the matching process is unique, and produces the most relevant connections.”

Annette Fung 200x200

Annette Fung


“Due to tapping into the expertise of the F Suite community, I've been able to move forward confidently in a number of situations I'm encountering for the first time in my career.”

Cherry miao 200x200

Cherry Miao

VP of Finance

"It was great to hear from like minded individuals. We were able to connect on multiple fronts from the work we have done in the past to suggestions and recommendations for tools for the future."

F Suite Event Member 01
2023 F Suite National Summit, NYSE | Ruchi Kasliwal, Head of Finance & Operations @ Singularity University
Brian Weisberg

"The access to this super rich network of diverse finance leaders from a variety of backgrounds is what I love most."

Brian Weisberg