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The private community where CFOs come together to crack the insurmountable.

The F Suite is an independent, invitation-only community platform for CFOs of leading high-growth technology companies and venture capital funds.

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Build your
brain trust.

Every great leader has a trusted circle of peers. Now you do, too. With hundreds of the most innovative CFOs in the world in your corner, the intellectual assets of our community get bigger with every morning bell.

It’s the power of the network. Or as we like to say, 1 + 1 = 3.

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Adil Syed, CFO @ Rippling | Laura Nadler, CFO @ ONE

Accelerate your
career growth.

Expand your expertise by attending thought-provoking events and insider clubhouse discussions covering timely topics as well as practical, everyday management advice.

Start closing the learning GAAP.

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Unlock answers
to everything.

Tap into the members-only platform to find answers to your most pressing challenges — from the daily onslaught to the long-term strategic. Instantly access peer-vetted resources along with a comprehensive library of exclusive benchmarking surveys and confidential data.

If you’re looking for an antidote to imposter syndrome, we’ve got you.

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Membership comes with a wealth of benefits. Here are just a few.


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Get immediate answers to your most challenging questions by tapping into a nationwide brain trust of peer CFOs.

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Attend thought-provoking in-person events and educational virtual webinars to discuss the most innovative topics facing today’s finance leaders.

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Insider Data
& Surveys

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Access data on everything from peer compensation packages to company benchmarking reports to insights on market and macro conditions.

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Driven by industry

Lindsey Baptiste 970x800

Lindsey Baptiste

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Lindsey oversees Capitolis’ financial activities, including financial planning and analysis, accounting, treasury, corporate governance, reporting, and m&a.

Lindsey started her career at Morgan Stanley in Equity Capital Markets before expanding into Fixed-Income Capital Markets. After Morgan Stanley, Lindsey worked at MediaMath, Inc., a fast-growing AdTech startup where she held positions in Finance, Revenue, Professional Services, Operations and served as the international Head of Finance.

Lindsey views Finance as the heart and veins of an organization; serving a more strategic position than traditional school of thought. Having worked and lead teams at both startups and large financial institutions, she understands the risk and operational similarities and differences. Lindsay is passionate about driving efficiency and scale whilst leading with strong purpose, mission, and vision.

Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. She resides in New Jersey, with her husband Nikolas, and son, Carter. Outside of work, Lindsay enjoys travel, adventuring the Northeast with her family, snowboarding, reading, and needlepoint. If Lindsey were to give three pieces of advice to her younger self, she would say: be unapologetically curious, be greedy about your career, and challenge the norms.

Lindsey Baptiste 970x800

Lindsey Baptiste


Chief Financial Officer

The F Suite is led by a CFO Executive Board — prominent members working at the pinnacle of their careers.

They help shape the content and experience for all members and ensure the overall success of the community.

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Membership in The F Suite is limited to CFOs and CFOs only.

As the strategic finance leader, CFOs serve as the right-hand to the CEO and the Board. It is the CFO that is often charged with solving a business's most complex challenges, and there is no substitute for the wisdom gained by personal experience. Iron sharpens iron.

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Irina Benimovich | CFO, CAIRA Surgical

For CFOs with
disruptive DNA.

All CFO roles are not created equally.

Pioneering companies and venture funds face an unorthodox set of challenges. They operate in rare air that breeds a unique type of CFO - one with an unconventional approach to problem solving and a mindset conditioned for hyper-growth. At The F Suite, we call them 'members'.

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The value
is invaluable.

"Excellent content and a real sense of community among the participants, all curated in a wonderful setting. It is clear a lot of thought and effort goes into the organization and planning of the gatherings."

David Quinn 200x200

David Quinn


"I find the events wildly informative. The experience of the group is so wide ranging and I feel like it's accelerating my experience/learning being a part of it."

Jeff Woglom 200x200

Jeff Woglom


"The connections I've made through The F Suite have been highly relevant to me - I've been able to share my experiences, learn from others, and even increase interest in what my company does."

Cherry miao 200x200

Cherry Miao

VP of Finance

"The ability to be vulnerable and not know all the answers is hard for a finance person, but it's something that's truly magical about The F Suite — it's okay to be vulnerable, to not know the answers, to ask for help. It's a safe place to land. Which is uncommon in the finance leadership role."

Brian Weisberg 200x200

Brian Weisberg


"Having a community of people of like-minded individuals is really impactful for what I do on a day to day basis. And I will also say this, I've been in my role four years. I wish I had The F Suite four years ago and not just a year ago."

Joshua Green 200x200

Joshua Green


"The F Suite is a must join. Trust me. You definitely won't regret it. You'll find a lot of the answers to the questions you're asking and some that you haven't been thinking about. There is a wealth of information in all of the members."

Macrina Kgil 200x200

Macrina Kgil



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Join a peerless
group of peers.

Ready to expand
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